A trip to Thailand



Before 2007, I had never left Spain because I was very scared about doing this. I won a trip to Thailand at the Christmas party when I was working in Viajes Marsans ( 2008 ).

I decided to go with my friend Manuel, but when we were ready to go, we had watched bad news about a politic problem in Thailand on TV.

We had been planning everything but in the end we had to cancel the trip.

After I had been watching some documentaries about Thailand I was keen on muay thai ( It´s the national sport of Thailand and one of the most important martial arts around the world ).

So, I decided to learn this new martial art myself, I had been learning muay thai when Thailand appeared again in 2011.

I had an excoworker ( Aaron ) who practised this discipline, we became good friends so he invited me to go to a school of martial arts there.

The goal was a very hard training at the school, so I refused it. I wasn´t ready for it.

Finally, I met Risa. She is my thai friend living in Pathum Thani. She invited me to go to her home with her family so I made up my mind and I went to Thailand last year.

Currently, I love thai food, buddhism and some of their customs. I hope to go before long.

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