I love Ayutthaya

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived to Ayutthaya.

First, I went to the main temple with my thai friends and I saw some buddhist buildings.

I felt very comfortable in this peaceful place although I was the only foreigner, everybody was so close to me.

Secondly, the nature showed every treasure in the city.

What I mean is that you could feel peace and harmony in this amazing place.

The walls covered some temples, the structure was built correctly and also, you could enjoy it.

The locals were so kind and cheerful, so we had no problem.

It is not an industrial enviroment, but it doesn´t matter. There are many alternatives to survive in this society.

Lastly, the elephants are part of Ayutthaya..you could see them in any neighborhood. They are incredibly big.

It looks like a dream, however each dream has to end.

Nowadays, I know my heart is Ayutthaya.

Miss you.

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