The secret of happiness


I think we are in a small village in this photo because some buildings and streets appear in the background.  I would say that buildings are semi-detached houses or terraced houses and I would also say that we are in an upper-middle class neighbourhood because the type of housing is the appropriate.


I see that one of these houses which is located next to the highway, has a poster pasted, though the content of the poster is incomplete because it is broken.


The message says “the secret of happiness is”… and then when it goes to decipher this secret, the message is stopped and I think it is done to interrupt our concentration. The issuer makes us to think in everything what is expected from that sentence, prompting a deeper reflection.


I think this is the intention of the issuer,  make us reflect on whether really we know what makes us feel happy and if we leave that our happiness depends on external factors, such as this poster or we expect that any Messiah, political or authoritarian figure tells us how has to be our happiness.


These days, the crisis and the current situation are playing an important role in the happiness of people creating confusion and discomfort. Many people take refuge in the ideas of the rest and/or religions and/or in false pastors, because the despair arrived in numerous homes around the world.


I would like to clarify something here, I am not criticising the beliefs of others, because  we all need something so (I believe in order to be able to keep walking), but it is true that many times, myself included too, we leave to the others to mark our steps or that decide for us.



But the happiness is not only sought by persons with economic problems, people who have many economic resources suffer and they seek their own happiness, although sometimes this problem is camouflaged with a good car or a good mansion or multimillion payrolls.


Sometimes we don’t realize the most valuable things are ahead of us and we are not able to see it, we even don’t stop to think the value of these.

In certain circumstances the situations are imposed to us and there are things that we don’t have choice but to accept but in others circumstances often we have the opportunity to choose which people are near us, we establish the priority of values we want, or what we can do to help the people who we want and change what we don’t like in our lives.


I think that many people try to advise us on what happiness is or what the best for each of us is, but only one has the answer to know what the secret of happiness is, since only one knows the sense of happiness and if not so, it is time to stop a moment and think about it. Take a little break in this life that flows at a too rapid pace and discover your secret.

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